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Titanium Basket and Mesh - SOTSIL METAL - Titanium Supplier in China

Titanium Baskets and Mesh We Supply

Because of the good featur, titanium basket widely used in the market of electroplating industry such as precious metal plating, hard chrome plating, base metal plating, metal recovery, etc.

Mesh are used in market of chemical filters, mechanical filters, electromagnetic shielding, desalination filters, high-temperature furnace heat treatment care network, oil filters, food processing, pharmaceutical filtration, etc. And mesh can be made by titanium, nickel, molybdenum, tungsten etc.

basket & mesh

We produce the baskets in various shapes like round, rectangular and tray form according to the requirement of customers. These baskets are made up of titanium sheets or plates and titanium meshes, thickness of titanium plate and titanium mesh is range 0.5-1.5mm.The capability of baskets includes constant deposition, uniform current distribution, high anode efficiency, durability, uniform anode area, high strength, light weight, non corrosive, less voltage loss, reduced consumption of plating material, etc.
We can also produce the baskets with other materials, including zirconium and nickel, as per the design and demand of customers.