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About Us - SOTSIL METAL - Titanium and titanium alloys supplier in China.


Sotsil Metal company is committed to manufacturing and exporting of titanium and other non-ferrous metals since 2008, with abundant experience on severe service materials for military and civil applications.

We supply different milling materials, such as titanium and its alloy billets and bars, sheets and plates, forged rings and discs, electrodes and wires, pipes and fittings, castings, and other shapes with China national standards, and AMS, ASTM, ASME, ISO, MIL, DIN, and JIS specifications. The metal materials are widely used in the market of aviation, marine, oil, gas and petroleum, chemical, power metallurgy, medicine, sports, electronics, vacuum coating, etc.

Sotsil Metal have ISO 9001:2008 and PED certificates to guarantee the realizable quality. Sotsil Metal system includes the section of materials from approved vendors, and rigorous oversight of manufacturing process that id vital to quality control.

Sotsil Metal has worked diligently in past 10 years to secure our advantageous industry position and become a highly respected and valuable enterprise to the area of titanium applications. We will continue to make its unceasing efforts in titanium market with our goals in mind: Premier Service, Premier Quality.